I got hooked. Dammit, this is too nifty. Guess I shouldn’t have had that can of guarana soda…

[UPDATE at 9am the next day: LibraryThing seems to be down at the moment…]



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7 responses to “LibraryThing

  1. coldecho

    Sidenote: That’s a pretty decent picture of you, by the by. I mean, the LJ picture of course. Captures a bit of sly charm… is it fairly new?

  2. sylvar

    Very new. I’ve only been beardless for a week or two.

  3. segnbora

    I figured you would be hooked, like I was; in fact, I was just surprised that it took you this long to try it.

  4. anonymous

    Hi, this is Kermit, Justin’s friend, You know your brother in Law who plays for Anti-Flag, well, yes, I just wanted to say that seeing pictures of Jodi at Graduation, well she is so inspiring. I had a spinal chord injury, and I was afraid to even face Justin again, but when I saw pictures of him and Jodi, I came to a full realization, that I am not a bad person for having this happen to me, and that people are examples. I love the Geever family, and I have never met Jodi, but I am proud of her, way to go. I can walk with canes too. I am partially paralyzed, and I just wanted to tell you that you are a tremendous person for marrying a person with a disability, because you prove that it is not about the disability, but about the person, and I admire you all.

  5. discogravy

    knew you’d dig it

  6. sylvar

    Indeed. Thanks!

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