Freshly-shaved geek

At the request of — well, several women, actually — I am now a shaved geek.

Makes a pretty good userpic, too.



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16 responses to “Freshly-shaved geek

  1. heathrow

    Dayum. You look gooooooooood.

  2. knobody

    *wolf whistles*

  3. cardinalximinez

    Well, that’s…. different…

  4. ratcliffe1963

    lol reminds me of Penn … or is it Teller … of Penn and Teller … congrats on the change!

  5. sylvar

    It’s Penn. If I can grow my hair out long enough, I might use that as a costume idea in a year or two. :)

  6. pantaloonery

    “Why have you forsaken me?”

  7. mattyo3000

    Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamn! Lookin’ mighty, MIGHTY fine!

  8. h_postmortemus


    Dude,last time I remember seeing you sans facial hair was when you were a freaking high school noob at UF.

  9. anonymous

    Whoh, if Penn and Abe Lincoln had kids…

  10. sylvar

    Little fluffy cloud, is that you?

  11. rancourt

    The look works, man. :)

  12. swankivy


    Left a message for you at okcupid (I think that was it) in response to yours. I know I don’t go on that thing much, so I followed you here and let you know that I responded to it. :)


  13. bethlynn

    I think you look thinner beardless. In fairness I haven’t seen you in a year.

  14. anonymous

    Looks pretty damned good, dude.

    If I ever lose weight, I may actually shave the goatee as well. Rock on :)

  15. pappy74

    uhhhh… that was me

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