$10 sale at Threadless

Threadless is running a $10 sale at the moment — this “Fossil Fuel” design and all their other shirts are only ten bucks. What are you waiting for?



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4 responses to “$10 sale at Threadless

  1. sshaf1130

    I’m starting to think you make commission off this site!

  2. sylvar

    I get credits that I can use for t-shirts that I buy, but I can’t cash them in or anything.

    But when I link to a product, I try to use a commission link where possible. I see nothing wrong with getting a little something for helping people find products they’re actually interested in — and I only link to stuff I like. I really like this T-shirt design. It reminds me of the bit from WarGames (see, there’s a link) about how when the human race is gone, Nature will start again like She did after the dinosaurs.

  3. sshaf1130

    Cool! No, I see nothing wrong with it either. :-)
    And, ah yes, I remember the lines from Wargames well.

  4. knobody

    i love that line. kinda puts the whole “save the planet” thing in context. another version comes from the great carlin. he says something like, “the earth will shake us [humans] off like a bad case of fleas.” yup, we can do whatever the hell we want with our planet, for we are only temporary.

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