A nice-looking beach

I think I’d like to go to Alfred McKethan Park sometime soon. It’s only about an hour from home. I’d guess the best bet is to take a big cooler with ice, sodas, and picnic goodies, leave home around 6am, get there around 7:15-7:30am, enjoy a morning at a beautiful beach, have a picnic lunch, and get into the air-conditioned car to go home.

Perhaps that’s how I’ll celebrate my birthday. Though I’d probably celebrate a day late, since on my actual birthday I’m going into the office for half a day and then visiting the doctor’s office.



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2 responses to “A nice-looking beach

  1. knobody

    saw this link http://newsvote.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/uk_news/magazine/4773297.stm for bbc photo contests and thought of you. particularly under the heading “uniform” i was thinking of your bird breaks up a pattern photo.

  2. sylvar

    Thanks for the tip! I’ve just submitted it.

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