Come over and cook for me!!!

I’m getting pretty good at coded crossword puzzles — I finished this one in 1m17s after about 32oz of beer (Double Chocolate Stout and organic weissbier, both from Wild Oats).

I’ve been looking forward all week to The Pirates of Penzance. I got it on tape from the library. But since Jodi didn’t watch it with me last night or tonight (which I’d been looking forward to), and says she’ll watch it Sunday, I may have a chance to get the DVD version from another library — if we can manage to get to Casa Tina during lunchtime, the only time their food is affordable for us. (It’s still WORTH what they charge at dinner, but we don’t have it.)

The week has gone fairly well, I think. Last night I went all ninja in the kitchen and made stuffed mushrooms (stuffed with spinach and tofu, baked in tamari and topped with mozzarella), insalata caprese, and an apple-cranberry tart/cake/pie thingy from the Penzeys catalog. Only a fraction of the dessert remains. The rest has been devoured, and I’m looking forward to doing it again. Perhaps stuffed zucchini tomorrow…



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4 responses to “Come over and cook for me!!!

  1. pantaloonery

    Hey, I just did my first one in 1:45! Woo-hoo!

  2. pantaloonery

    …and obviously I just got lucky on that one, because my second one is completely stumping me. :)

  3. poppinjaye

    I love Angela Lansbury!!!

  4. itwasstillhot

    I need someone to whip up awesome shit in the kitchen for Phil and me; I’m constantly overwhelmed and he’s exhausted by the end of the day, so when I have no Dinner Done meals in the freezer, we’re often saddled with … well, I won’t tell. Too embarassing to reveal to someone who worships at the Altar of Alton as you do.

    And wouldn’t I looove to see you try to cook whilst keeping two toddlers out from underfoot! :)

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