Minor update

My oral surgeon says that the bottom wisdom teeth should come out, but the top ones can stay in unless they become a problem. So even with the anti-inflammatory steroid injection that the insurance doesn’t cover, our out-of-pocket expenses for this (including medications) should be around $200.

He prescribed two Valium doses so I could take one as ‘practice’ and make sure I know how it’ll affect me. That way I can figure out whether I can just take the bus there and back, or whether I need to take a cab.

Sadly, I got ink on my new mall-bought jeans. A coworker says that’ll just make them look even more Abercrombie, so don’t worry about it. But I think I’ll try to remove the ink tonight. I also have to keep cleaning the house, go to the library to drop off and pick up, drop off the stuff I’m giving away, etc.

Busybusybusy… but last night’s break (hanging out with friends while they had dinner; I didn’t want to inflict Cheesecake Factory on my gut or my wallet, but I really enjoyed myself and drank lots of Diet Coke refills) was a good thing.



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11 responses to “Minor update

  1. gardenwaltz

    dude, you have a doc that gives you practice medication? i like this concept. don’t ask me about recovery though. i went the full sedation routine and they had to pour me into the car.

  2. cadrys

    Ditto the waltzing one. I remember the nurse/anesthetist saying “I’m starting the Versed push now”…and then I’m in the recovery room…no wait, Becky is helping me down the stairs…no, I’m in bed…

  3. loucheroo

    Hairspray helps get out ink. If you haven’t got it, go buy some cheap stuff. Spray it on the ink and let it sit for a while before washing (i don’t know how long… you could probably find it online)… should take the stain right out

  4. sylvar

    Yeah, the insurance only covers general anesthesia if there’s a real need for it. And I should have an easier recovery this way.

  5. shlafe

    I want to hang out at the Cheesecake Factory with friends, too!!

  6. wedash

    We very much enjoyed your company too. Wanna meet for lunch tomorrow? BTW…a while back I melted an ink pen in the dryer and it got on EVERYTHING in the dryer. Beth suggested I soak the clothes overnight in oxyclean. I only had ONE clothing item that didn’t come clean…I thought that was pretty darn good.

  7. sylvar

    I could meet for lunch in Brandon… call me at 813-622-8252.

  8. sshaf1130

    I agree with trying the OxyClean! When my Ben got blueberry dessert all over his bright yellow top last year, I was about to get rid of it. I tried soaking it in OxyClean and it was good-as-new! It’s worth a shot!

    How’s that for sounding like an infommercial?

  9. sylvar

    LOL… Zout got it.

  10. wedash

    Zout’s good stuff isn’t it :)

  11. see_starr_pimp

    i am banned from the tampa community, so i couldnt reply to your apartment post. if your friend has other people moving in, it would most likely be easier, cheaper, and more convenient and private for them to rent a house, rather than an apartment. i had a house right across the street from busch gardens 2b/1ba for 500 a month…not all of the neighborhoods are shady…just tell them to drive around looking in areas they like. private renters are much easier to worjk with than landlords for apartments are. hope this helps.

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