Admit it, you HAVE to have this t-shirt.

I’m amazed it hasn’t already sold out. Go get yours while your size is still available.



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6 responses to “Admit it, you HAVE to have this t-shirt.

  1. meander112

    Does it say, “This is not a pipe.”?

  2. sylvar

    Indeed it does. It’s a reference to The Treachery of Images by Rene Magritte.

  3. tiger_stripes

    Damn you! :-)

    I just ordered three shirts from there (including this one). They better reprint the puppy Cerebus shirt too.

  4. sylvar

    Thank you! I think I’ve got enough street team points to get one of my own now. But I’ll save it until I fit into the XL shirts I’ve already ordered from them.

  5. pappy74

    arrrgh! The girlfriend would have *loved* this (as a Mario addict and a fan of all things French). But sadly, her size is the only one sold out :(

  6. meander112

    Oh, I love Magritte. I knew that font and approximate phrasing, I just didn’t know if the shirt creator had changed what it said for some geeky reason.

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