Jodi is in the air

Jodi’s flight to CVG is in the air. Her flight to State College seems to be running on time.

I got about four hours of sleep (she got none). We got to the airport, checked her large heavy bag, and got to the security gate. This is where she and I parted ways last time, but last time we’d asked for assistance. This time I had to run (well, jog) across the airport, down the escalator, back across the airport, explain (gasp) the situation (pant), get a gate pass, jog back, explain it to Jodi and Amanda (who had to wait at the security checkpoint for me), and both of us proceeded through the security line.

I’m stunned I didn’t get a full strip search because I was sweating like crazy and probably acting a bit odd due to stress and exhaustion. But we got through quickly and I saw her onto the plane before dashing back to get Amanda. We drove home, I had a shower, got dressed, left a note for the repair technician, and headed into the office. I’ve got at least two dozen cans of diet cola, so I think I’ll survive the day.

Once I get Amanda to work, though, I may just go to sleep for the night. We’ll see.



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4 responses to “Jodi is in the air

  1. h_postmortemus

    I know Jodi can’t drive a standard car, but is there a reason Amanda can’t drive? Or is that just car-rotation issues?

  2. sylvar

    Never learned, doesn’t have a license, can’t afford insurance.

  3. h_postmortemus

    Nice little catch-22 there… Can’t learn because she can’t afford the insurance TO learn.
    Sounds like something there should be a solution to through some sort of chairity system… hmmm…

  4. sylvar

    Gator Cycle sells electric bikes that go up to 20mph, don’t require a license, and don’t require insurance. And they start at $600. As far as I know, that’s her plan — get one of those so she can keep her job no matter where she’s living after the February end of our lease.

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