• My coworkers discovered another rooted server that seemed clean the last time I checked. I’ve rebuilt it, but the vendor has to call me back to confirm the details for setting up the application properly. And yes, I’ve gotten rid of the vulnerable product — haven’t even installed a newer version. The heck with that stuff.
  • The Sears technician did not come out and fix the dryer today because the phone just rang and rang.
  • I rescheduled for the first available day — Friday. (, it’s during the afternoon; let me know whether you’ll be there, ‘kay?)
  • Any one of three things would have prevented this problem:
    1. If the ringer had been on, the phone would have gotten answered.
    2. If the standard phone number had been properly forwarded to the temporary VOIP number, the phone would have gotten answered.
    3. If VoiceWing had ported our standard phone number to the VOIP service today, like they promised, the phone would have been answered.
  • VoiceWing tech support explained that the machine sending out email about when the phone number will be ported is on the other side of the world, and therefore when they say “July 17th”, they really mean “around 1:30pm on July 18th”.

Oh well. On the other hand, I’ve found out which ports to prioritize, and had very little trouble telling the router to mark those packets as being more important than other traffic. So voice quality is already much better.

I’m backing up all the files on Jodi’s PC, since she said it’s been acting strangely. She’s interested in just using the Mac laptop. And that’s not a bad idea — the PC monitor alone takes up huge amounts of desk space. Once I’ve got all her data on DVD+R discs, I’ll clean up the computer desk and get it ready for her laptop. (Keeping her PC in the apartment, of course.)

So while the backup-to-second-hard-drive routine runs, I’m going to change the fish’s water, take out a lot of trash, and settle in for an evening alone.



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5 responses to “Argh.

  1. cardinalximinez

    You have fish? *ears perk up*

  2. sylvar

    Jodi’s betta, Snitch. No filter, so we change the water weekly.

  3. cardinalximinez

    Shiny. :)

  4. sshaf1130

    If he had fed us manna and not parted the sea, it would have been sufficient.

  5. sylvar

    Yes, exactly: if only, dayenu.

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