The so-called 40×32 jeans really have a 46-inch waist, according to my tape measure. That confirms that I wasn’t going crazy — but it’s also good news, because now I can actually shop at a mall store other than Casual Male XL (formerly “Casual Male Big & Tall”). And American Eagle’s jeans look *really* cute on me. Just ask Jodi.

We went to the mall today and discovered that there was an easy fix for the trouble with the CD drive on Jodi’s laptop. The bottom strip of felt had been coming loose; the Mac Genius pulled it out and there were no further problems. At least until I put the laptop to sleep, and Jodi freaked out when it wouldn’t turn on right away (it takes a few minutes, and she’d never done more than close the lid before). But we solved that, too.

Lunch at the Tampa Bay Brewing Company was tasty, though they won’t have homebrew this summer. They’re preparing to move to Centro Ybor, so their huge tanks are being drained and transported a few blocks away to the new location. We might eat here after Jodi’s graduation, though I have to remember to call the proprietor Monday and ask her whether either location will be open on August 12th; that’s right about the time they’ll be moving.

I spent a few hours doing laundry. It wasn’t too bad except when the pooled sweat dripped into my eyes, which happened a few times. But I managed to get five loads done in about two hours, so I can’t object too much. And I’m even getting a half-hour break before I go back to work, packing Jodi’s suitcase while she revises some of her papers. She’s going to have me turn them in for her after I take her to the airport.

Looks like my not-being-on-my-feet break is up, so I’ll go back to the salt mines. 24 hours from now, Jodi will be having dinner with more interesting people than us lot, and I’ll have a working laundry facility again. I’ll have VOIP on the main number. (I have to QoS it up, once I find out what ports it’s on.) I may even have time to cook dinner! It’ll be great.



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3 responses to “Confirmed

  1. cardinalximinez

    he so-called 40×32 jeans really have a 46-inch waist, according to my tape measure.

    That’s the strangest thing I’ve ever heard of in men’s clothing… I wonder if it was a misprint or something, or some clever marketing ploy to make us think we’re thinner than we really are…

  2. segnbora

    I guess it’s becoming like women’s clothing, where size is just an arbitrary letter or number with no relation to any across-manufacturer sizing. (I mean, I’ve got an extra-small shirt from the Gap and an extra-large shirt from the Limited that both fit; the former does not pull and the latter is not baggy.)

  3. cardinalximinez

    Great, so instead of things getting better for women, they get worse for men.

    *shakes head*

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