What’s wrong with you people?

Why did you let me wait this long to discover Fast Times at Ridgemont High?



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9 responses to “What’s wrong with you people?

  1. segnbora

    I remember recommending it to you a year or two ago. Didn’t you rent it and return it unwatched then?

  2. haemony

    Dude, we thought you knew.

  3. sylvar

    It’s cool, bud.

  4. sylvar

    Oh, probably. :)

  5. danasdream

    It’s a very good “teen” movie, with a very good soundtrack. (Boingo rocks. One of the best live shows I’ve ever seen. Goodbye Goodbye is one of their lesser-known songs, but a very good one). Much of the movie was filmed near where I grew up (e.g. the Sherman Oaks Galleria was the stand-in for whatever the “hang out” mall was in the movie). Good mix of humor and tales of growing up. Phoebe Cates is hot, too.

  6. anonymous

    Believe it or not, Phoebe Cates’ birthday is today—she’s 43, Amazing, huh?

  7. wedash

    OMG, that movie is like the best. :)

  8. knobody

    intereting. i know a certain vaxer who’s birthday is today. he turned 43 as well.

  9. h_postmortemus

    *gapes at you with mouth open*

    You… Never saw?

    I mean…

    YOU… Fast times was like…


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