I got eleven hours of sleep last night, and it helped immensely. Then I spent about seven hours driving around in full sun without air conditioning, taking Jodi shopping for clothes, luggage, toiletries, office supplies, etc. I opened two new store charge accounts (American Eagle and Target). And now I’m totally exhausted again.

A good thing that happened today: American Eagle has a promotion going where, if you try on a pair of jeans, you get a free AMC movie pass that’s good even for special engagements. So I tried on a pair of 40×32 loose fit jeans. Utterly contrary to every expectation, they fit. I’m sure they’re fudging the size, but I can’t even remember what grade I was in the last time I could wear anything labeled 40. I bought them, but if I can find a 40×30 somewhere, I’ll exchange them. (They fit low on my waist, so 32″ length is just silly.) Plus, I got a movie pass.

So then we came home and it was not time for me to relax, it was time for me to do laundry. Only I discovered that the dryer doesn’t work, so the clothes in there are damp and rancid, and we can’t get the dryer repaired until after Jodi leaves. Also, the laundromat in our apartment complex requires you to pay $5 just to get a laundry card, after which you add value in $5 increments. The machines cost $1.25-$1.80 in various configurations. But since we’ll have a working dryer Monday, it’s really a bit of overkill to buy a $5 laundry card. We’re washing bras now and we’ll let them hang on various surfaces until they’re dry. Tomorrow I’ll schlep all this stuff to a coin laundry and take care of it in parallel.

The dishes were gross. I feel like a bad person for scrubbing without even trying to determine whether the life on them was sentient. (That was my joke. Laugh.) The living room is a mess. Most of the evenings while Jodi is away will probably be spent trying to whip this place into shape. I swear I could take a week of vacation and still have more I’d like to get done. I need to call the St. Vincent de Paul and have them take away the extra dining room table. I need to get rid of old crap that’s been sitting in the closets for over a year without being used. (“I need help! I need a facial! I need to go on a diet! I need money! I need new shoes! Oh, God, just do something!” — Threesome)

For tonight, I just need to help Jodi finish getting her articles printed out and filed away in a binder. I may need to go buy another binder or something. I don’t know. And eventually, I’ll sleep. Which is good, because on Monday morning we need to be at the airport around 6am.



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10 responses to “1004

  1. heathrow

    Congrats on the NSV. :) By the by, Old Navy carries up to 44 waist in their stores. Tom wears only their jeans. They last for a while, and the jeans can usually be found for below $20/pair.

  2. cardinalximinez

    I’m totally exhausted again.

    I’m with ya, dude.

    if I can find a 40×30 somewhere

    If i haven’t donated them all to Goodwill already, I have a crapload of 40×30 jeans and pants and 40 shorts that you are absolutely welcome to (especially if you can get them before we move ;) ).

  3. sylvar

    If i haven’t donated them all to Goodwill already, I have a crapload of 40×30 jeans and pants and 40 shorts that you are absolutely welcome to

    See, the thing is, the size 46 Dockers khakis are pretty tight. So I’m going to guess that the pants don’t really have a 40-inch waist. I’ll be glad to accept 40-inch clothing when I can actually wear it.

    especially if you can get them before we move

    “Before” we move? Not “if”?

  4. cardinalximinez

    Oh, I see. I misunderstood what you meant in the original post. Well, the offer still stands should you get to that size before the clothes go to Goodwill. OTOH, 6 inches is a pretty huge difference. I’m having trouble imagining how even “running big” could account for that kind of discrepancy – at least in men’s clothes. ;)

    “Before” we move? Not “if”?

    There are still no guarantees, but whether it’s intellectual laziness, premature optimism, or simple determination, I’ve started dropping the disclaimer from my speech.

  5. kittykatkatja

    Squirrely Wrath!!! Squirrely Wrath!!!

  6. sshaf1130

    You sound like a frazzled housewife. Not that I can relate or anything.

  7. sshaf1130

    The only things missing are the screaming kids. I would be happy to loan you a couple so you can experience the complete package!

  8. h_postmortemus

    Do you know what’s wrong with the AC? If the compressor is good and you don’t have a major leak somewhere, you can recharge it yourself for like $30 or so.

  9. sylvar

    No, it’s the compressor that’s bad. I could find a used one for less, but it still costs $400-500 for labor, so I’m hesitant to bring my mechanic a used part and ask him to put it in.

  10. h_postmortemus

    Damn. Yeah, if you’re going to plunk down that much for labor, not much point buying a used part.

    Hmmm, $400 to $500? That’s at least 7 hours labor! I think either your mechanic is trying to rip you or your car has the compressor in a really fucked up location.

    My own AC isn’t so hot (Aha ha! I made funny!), and I was going to do a recharge on it today but the pressure read spot-on for the ambient temp. So I figure the compressor is starting to die. And I’ve got a manual right here that details how to do it yourself. But I gotta read through it a few times to figure out what other parts I’d need…

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