I’ve got the crud

Man, this stuff swooped down like a Vorlon cruiser out of a jumpgate. Cough, sore throat, the sneaking suspicion I’m contagious…

I called out sick to avoid giving the crud to my officemates. But Jodi had plans for the apartment (and doesn’t want the crud either), so I’m going to mostly stay away from home AND from work. Sorry about that, guy who’s gonna be sitting in front of me at the movies.



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4 responses to “I’ve got the crud

  1. tally_cat

    YOU TOO? I’ve been going to work dispite the crud. But today it’s so bad I had to call in. =(

  2. cardinalximinez


  3. cadrys

    Whatever happened to ‘staying home in bed’

  4. sylvar

    She didn’t want me to.

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