Thoughts on Alphabet Soup

Does anyone sell alphabet pasta in individual letters? (Let’s say I wanted to buy a pound of Q, or a few ounces each of B, J, and S.)

Is alphabet soup available in different alphabets? Could I buy a pound of Greek or Russian or Cherokee letters? (I’m pretty sure Braille wouldn’t work. Sorry, , you needn’t suggest that.)

Do different brands of alphabet pasta have different frequency distributions? Do some have a Scrabble-like distribution that’s useful for spelling out words, while others have about as many Es as Qs?

And yes, I’m totally serious.



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10 responses to “Thoughts on Alphabet Soup

  1. sshaf1130


    I don’t know if you can buy them that way. I do have a box of standard alphabet pasta at the moment. Any particular letter(s) you’d like me to sort out for you???

    (Reminds me of those celebrities who do ridiculous things like… demanding bowls of M&M’s. But only the green ones!)

  2. segnbora

    I actually read a good explanation for ridiculous celebrity requests in their concert/appearance contracts. The idea is to make sure that the promoters have read the whole thing and taken care of all the requirements, silly and necessary both. If they haven’t bothered to supply Van Halen’s bowl of M&Ms with all the brown ones removed, who’s to say that there will be enough electrical sockets and a strong enough stage to hold everything? verifies this.

  3. tregoweth

    I can’t decide if you’ve taken too little or too much medication.

  4. frannyan

    Judy coments that she’s had Hebrew alphabets. One assumes that if they have alphabet soup in countries with diffrent letters,it’s reflected in the soup.

  5. danasdream

    These might be greek letters…can’t tell for sure:

    See #20

    No luck in Cyrillic letters yet.


  6. sylvar

    Too little, but I’ve got a prescription now…

  7. ratcliffe1963

    The only useless thing I can add is this reminded me of the classic Batman television series episode where somebody in trouble left a message in a bowl of alphabet soup and they used the Bat Alphabet Soup Analyzer attachment to the Bat Computer to figure out the message.

  8. sylvar

    Hmm, I’ll bet that’s not available as USB… logically, the Riddler would have expected that if we had to analyze grain products, we would use a cereal port! The dastard!

  9. sylvar

    They are — you rock! I’ll check with the folks in Tarpon Springs about finding a local supplier.

  10. jitterbug5bi5

    All I have to say is, lucky for you J apparently doesn’t read your journal very closely… ;p

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