I couldn’t refill my prescription using the automated system because it was “too early” to do so. Since I have a 5-day supply left, I called the pharmacy to check what was going on.

“Oh yeah,” the guy said, “that’s because it’s already been refilled. Come by anytime and pick it up.”

The woman at the drive-through, who wore a beautiful Creamsicle-plaid headscarf, said the refill was requested July 2nd. That was the day we were coming back from Sylacauga, and I don’t remember calling it in. It’s just a mystery…



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5 responses to “Mysterxious

  1. cardinalximinez

    Automatic refills? Jodi did it for you because you mentioned you were running low?

  2. sylvar

    I don’t think either of those are the explanation…

  3. cardinalximinez

    Just brainstorming…

  4. knobody

    my guess, someone ordered a refill by phone or internet using only the perscription number. there was a typo. somewhere someone has gone to pick up their meds and is pissed to find out that they have to wait because the refill order never got to the pharmacy. meanwhile, you benefit from someone’s misfortune.

  5. sylvar

    Yeah, that was my guess too.

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