I rediscovered a poem today that I wrote a while back. The compound in question is xenon tetrafluoride (q.v.).


You think you’re so cool.
Walking down the hall
after chem lab, you think
you’re too good for us,
never looking us in the eye.

We’ll bring you down. We’ll
make you mix with common folk.
It’s not a joke. The wackos think
there’s fluoride in tap water
to sap their strength of spirit.
Wrong. To sap yours: perforce
to form of you a compound,
willy-nilly, Xenon, you bitch.



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2 responses to “Xenon

  1. tiger_stripes

    Mary Mary in the lab
    Lie dead upon the floor.
    For what she thought was H2O
    Was H2SO4 :)

  2. curious_mold


    Yeah, that’s a real word!

    So, when did you write this and why?

    Poetry should be personal…it should stay that way. Silent and screaming in the mind.

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