I’m not an idiot! Hooray!

I was kind of scared to take a SANS quiz, but I ended up getting better than 80% and a perfect 100% on the TCP/IP and Hex Quizzes respectively. Okay, so I need to learn more about TCP, but that’s still pretty good.

And I have the chutzpah to respectfully disagree with one true/false question. Servers DO use ephemeral ports, just not qua servers. How else would they connect to a DNS server to resolve hostnames for logging?

I’m still not sure whether I want to take the Mastering Packet Analysis workshop, but it feels good to know that I’d be able to keep up with it.

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One response to “I’m not an idiot! Hooray!

  1. h_postmortemus

    A server will not use an ephemeral port to establish a connection to a DNS server. All DNS requests are sent out on port 53. The response may come back on an ephemeral port, but the server does not *listen* on an ephemeral port.

    If you don’t understand how that is, you’ll need to practice more. :)

    It’s a tricky question, because it’s so simple seeming.

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