Bike repair update

I woke up early this morning and decided to use the time to mount the new tire. It went smoothly, although I’m seriously hating the Presta valve on the front tube. Adapter or no adapter, I’m thinking of just nnnnnnnnnnnninjakicking the damn thing and shelling out four bucks for a normal valve that won’t annoy me.

I’m becoming aware that the front cantilever brakes, though working well enough, aren’t adjusted as well as they should be. (I don’t like the loose travel.) I’ll try to learn more about that next.

Showered, getting dressed, then off to work where I will NOT eat the delicious leftovers, since Jodi wants me to bring them home. I’d better grab some breakfast en route or I’m doomed to doomy doom.



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8 responses to “Bike repair update

  1. coldecho


    Did I scares ya, huh, huh?

    Doubtful. I have added you to my friends’ list, because, with Vaxxxer Rifferween and Beltaine parties, I feel indeed that you are among my friends. Heee.

  2. sylvar

    Did I scares ya, huh, huh?

    No, but I’m used to seeing you look a bit spooky at times. Hello!

  3. tiger_stripes

    I’d be careful drilling yer rims.

    Also, if you are running prestas, it generally means you have a good wheelset. In most cases, the shraeder valves on u.s. bikes are usually saved for the lower end bikes.

    You can adjust the brakes so they’re not so squishy. You can modulate them to make them more firm, and make sure yer brake pads are in good condition.

    Get Zinn and the Art of Mountain Bike maintenance. Very helpful book :-)

  4. sylvar

    Oh, jeez, I’d better check the rim hole diameter. It hadn’t occurred to me that perhaps a Schraeder valve wouldn’t fit.

    Zinn and the Art of Mountain Bike Maintenance looks interesting. I’ve been using Bicycle Repair Manual by Chris Sidwells.

  5. sylvar

    Crap. As far as I can tell with Google, the Ritchey Rock 440 (my front wheel) is drilled for Presta. Screw it, then. I’ll just keep the Presta tube in there and use the Schrader adapter that screws on there.

  6. tiger_stripes

    Presta’s not so bad, really. I haven’t had any problems with them.

  7. tiger_stripes

    If you want to ask people, check out the Tooltime forum on MTBR (yeah, I know, I’m *full* of it, er, ideas :-)

  8. babyfishfel

    Whoo, it’s suddenly very hot in here, what with everybody drilling rim holes and mounting things.

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