More bike tire questions

I’ve just learned to fix my own bike flats. I’ve also learned that my rear tire needs to be replaced — I don’t want to ride on something that’s ripped up that badly.

I ride on sidewalks, paved roads, and occasionally on off-road trails. I mostly ride on level or slightly inclined ground. I weigh about 300 pounds and rarely exceed 10mph. My front tire is a 26×2.1 Ritchey Mega Bite Climb-Max. The bike itself is a big heavy Trek 800, so tire weight shouldn’t matter much. The front has a Presta valve with a Schrader adapter, but it seems like a major pain in the ass and I don’t know how or why I ended up with a Presta valve.

What would be a decent ($10-15 at Nashbar) rear tire? Should I skip mail-order and just get a tire at a local bike shop, and if so, what should I be looking for? And should I be looking at $40 tires instead?



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5 responses to “More bike tire questions

  1. scrib71

    I’ve ridden a lot on a set of Kenda Cross Plus Street tires…
    (Search for “Kenda Kross” as well. You probably want the 26×1.95 size which Nashbar doesn’t seem to have stocked.)

    They’re nothing like my high-dollar knobby trail tires, but they’ve lasted admirably under road conditions. Knobby tires suck for sidewalks! I can go on packed dirt or leaf litter with them just fine, though I wouldn’t even try to climb anything technical with them…

    Ditch that knobby front tire while you’re at it, too. Seriously, unless you’re trail riding, knobs aren’t doing you any favors. Smooth tires roll more efficiently and comfortably and have better grip on pavement – there’s a reason street bikes have smooth tires.

    The Kenda tires are only $10 at nashbar, and it’s likely that a local bike shop will have them.

  2. sylvar

    The Kenda tires are only $10 at nashbar, and it’s likely that a local bike shop will have them.

    Oh, good, since Nashbar is out of the 26×1.95. :)

    THANKS for the info!

  3. tiger_stripes

    If you want lots of information about clydesdale (big riders) mountain bike riders, check out the Clydesdales forum at MTBR.

    Oh yeah, I’m an Athena (a female Clydesdale). :)

    I ride WTB tires, but it’s somewhat terrain dependent.

    Oh yeah, the dudes on there are totally cool :)

  4. h_postmortemus

    Speaking as another big guy bicyclist… Well, ex-bicyclist, I’ll say that first you definitely want the 2+ inch width tires. In all my years of biking around Gainesville, I learned that flats are routine. You need to budget for ’em as a bi-monthly expense.

    One thing you might wanna do, if they are still available, is get some rhino skins. They’re linings that go on the inside of the tire and offer an extra layer of protection from punctures…

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