Heck on wheels

Yesterday I met my new supervisor. OK, that’s a lie; I’ve known him for years. But yesterday I met him *as* my supervisor. And it was good.

Bird wading in a pondAfter work, and after a little bit of grocery shopping, I dropped off a prescription and came home. I hopped on my bike (though the tires were a little underinflated) and headed out to the bike store on the way to the pharmacy. And I decided to bring my camera gear, since I figured I would get some neat pictures. And I did — this bird, for example. The guy at the bike store showed me how to use a French stem, and I inflated my tires. Man, that made a real difference — it was much easier to ride out of there than it was to ride in.

This area has been restricted for a whileOn the way back from the pharmacy, I took a new road, one that’s semi-closed to cars (53rd Avenue). And about halfway up the road, my rear tire burst. Dammit, that wasn’t part of the plan. So I called for a ride, locked up my bike near this sign being swallowed by a tree, and hiked up to Fletcher. On my way up, I got a call from Jodi, who was ready (much earlier than usual) to be picked up on campus. I explained the situation and fairly soon picked her up with ‘s help. We all headed to my place, where I fed them brownies. came over too, and we had a merry old time until I finally kicked them out around midnight. It was a good night.

Except for the bit about being woken up at 2:20am because Jodi thought Amanda was taking too long to get home from work, and getting scorn heaped on me because I expressed confidence that she would be just fine. That sucked.

But other than that, a good night.



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6 responses to “Heck on wheels

  1. heyharmony

    Who’s the new supervisor? New staff or replacing someone?


  2. sylvar

    Al Carlson, formerly retired HCPLC IT guy, filling a new mid-level position that manages URSA and Sunline.

  3. tally_cat

    Icon love!

  4. knobody

    love the bird pic. didn’t recognize him right off so i had to look him up. he’s a yellow crowned night heron.


  5. sylvar

    Thank you! Can you shed any light on who is authoritative to say whether this is Nyctanassa violacea or Nycticorax violaceus? I don’t know what sources are worth believing.

  6. knobody

    couldn’t tell you who the accepted authorities are or even if there is one (cornell is my guess bna.birds.cornell.edu/BNA/account/Yellow-crowned_Night-Heron/bib/index.html), but i would go with the most recent journal citation that seems to have others citing it as a reference (that aren’t refuting it). taxonomy is being rewritten rapidly these days due to genomic research, and a taxonomic record from just a few years ago could potentially be out of date. and just because some scientists says it’s one thing, doesn’t mean everyone agrees. taxonomy is a hot topic these days, and except for those in the specific field, i’m not sure it matters.

    here’s a list of journals to get ya started :):


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