Abstinence-based education

While watching an episode of Penn & Teller’s Bullshit! on abstinence-based sex education, I thought of a fantastic idea.

Let’s try abstinence-based driver’s education. Students will abstain from driving until the blessed day when they take their license exam, and it will be holy and special because it will be the very first time they’ve ever touched a steering wheel.

What do you think, sirs?



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5 responses to “Abstinence-based education

  1. haemony

    You. Insane.


  2. cardinalximinez

    Really makes just about as much sense…

  3. frannyan

    I don’t think that quite works… The two are too dissimilar. The point of marrage is not to have sex, therefor, you don’t need to have experance in it to properly be married. The point of drivers ed and driving practice is to be taught how to drive by someone with experance, which isn’t how most people have their first sexual experance. There’s no test to get permission to bonk [which might be a good idea, in theory. :)].

  4. babyfishfel

    Do you dress up as Penn on Halloween?

  5. sylvar

    I should. I’d have to shave, of course…

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