Annoyed with Alton Brown’s webmaster

Thank heavens for the Internet Archive!

The recipe for plain ole fudge brownies in the first printing of I’m Just Here for More Food is obviously in need of correction, but the errata are no longer on the site. Fortunately I followed a blogger’s link, via the Internet Archive’s Wayback Machine, to an archived copy of errata for I’m Just Here for More Food. And now I have a corrected recipe.

(How did I know it was wrong? It told me to steep the cocoa powder in “tk” of boiling water. A cook who measures ingredients in grams rather than teaspoon fractions wouldn’t have said that. And what the Rachael Ray is a “tk” anyway? A teakettleful?)



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4 responses to “Annoyed with Alton Brown’s webmaster

  1. jitterbug5bi5

    And what the Rachael Ray is a “tk” anyway?

    Lmao!! I swear, she’s an evil robot, or crab person, or.. something. xD

  2. anonymous

    thanks for having the link to alton’s book corrections…i just tried to make brownies for thanksgiving tomorrow w/ disasterous results just “guessing” with my father what a “tk” could possibly be.

  3. anonymous

    tk is an editor’s symbol for “to come” (probably from the greek). TK would appear in a spot until it’s filled in with an amount. I know this doesn’t help your recipe but there you go.

  4. lisana

    Thanks for the assistance. I went to make brownies for a get together tomorrow and besides the dry goods not being listed with weights, I was scratching my head over the TK too and about to look for a different recipe.

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