A new professional blog

I’ve decided to highlight my professional blogging by creating a separate place for it. This will let the library technology world do as they will with my relevant musings without cluttering up the feed with stuff they don’t care about.


Don’t worry, I haven’t been dooced, I’m just namespacing.



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4 responses to “A new professional blog

  1. tregoweth

    You admit to being a paid pornographer on your website, so you don’t seem particularly concerned about being dooced. So naïve… :)

  2. sylvar

    Well, see, it’s true. And it’s out there already — if someone puts my name into a search engine, they’ll find it. I figure it’s better to be straightforward.

  3. daveyp

    I’d also like to see more blogging about your acting career — I find it very hard to believe you’ve not anything since “Cuban Rebel Girls”:


  4. sylvar

    That’s because I’m dead.

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