New camera

Well, I got the new camera. It’s liberating to be able to burn through a dozen shots in four seconds and not be spending any money on film. And if I didn’t quite get the right framing, I can see that instantly. (Or I can just try fifty slightly different approaches and sort through them later.)

Tupperware olive keeper melted into a burnerHere’s one of the first photos I took with the camera. This happened a few weeks ago, but I saved my mistake so I could take pictures of it. The burner wasn’t on, but it was above the oven’s heat vent… oops.

The really nice thing about a digital camera is that you don’t have to guess when you took it, or even how you took it. It’s all in the EXIF. And I’ve even figured out how to put my name into the camera so that the EXIF data on future photos will say Owner Name: Ben Ostrowsky.

A friend I see too seldom had a great idea — itinerant portraiture (by appointment) of kids and moms at public parks. And since she’s a stay-at-home mom, she has (in addition to some experience in every occupation imaginable) an informal social network bigger than Myspace. So I will probably give this a try some weekend soon.

Which means I should get my occupational certificate really soon, since I’ve already got my state sales tax certificate. (It’s not only a responsibility to collect and pay sales taxes for tangibles like a CD of photos, it’s also the ticket to a corporate account at CompUSA for better prices on a good USB extension cable, a DVD burner, or anything else that has a justifiable use for a semi-pro photographer.)


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