Looking for an ID card maker

I’m looking for someone who can make a hard plastic ID card (as thick as a credit card or government ID — not just laminated cardstock) from artwork I provide. I’d prefer to get one with a slot punched through the top (landscape orientation), if possible.

Does anyone have any leads? I’ve already called most places in the USF area, and nobody has the right gear. I only want one badge for now, but if it looks good, my employer may buy another dozen or so. Small potatoes, I know. Any leads would be appreciated.



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13 responses to “Looking for an ID card maker

  1. curious_mold

    This is all the way in Pittsburgh, but do you know anyone who goes to CMU. (Carnegie Mellon Uni)?

    Maybe you can set something up with someone there. Paying for shipping might suck.

    Maybe you can order the gear and make them yourself???

  2. sylvar

    I might be able to set something up through USF, if it comes to that.

    The equipment is too expensive — about $1k to get started…

  3. curious_mold

    That IS expensive. I guess it would have to be. (Tons of people would be making fake ID’s if it were cheaper.)

    Now it makes sense that some of those kids I knew who made fake ID’s at CMU used equipment from the college.

  4. anonymous

    I know I’ve got some samples of exactly what you describe that I picked up at the last meetings show I went to. I’ll dig around and see if I can find them (and the companies they’re advertising).

  5. elaine_brennan

    damn system…

    That was me.

  6. heyharmony

    my first thought was cafepress.com

  7. stonegargoyle

    You could ask my Brother. I think he had something that could do it but I don’t know how much spare time he has on hand.

  8. stonegargoyle

    Yes!.. and why are you up? Go back to BeD!

  9. sylvar

    LOL… you too!

    I wake up around 7am and leave for work at 8am… and in between LIVEJOURNAL.

  10. stonegargoyle

    The night life ant no life, but its my life.

  11. tealfroglette

    no, no, today is NOT go back to bed day. The navy jets? or something went boom around two thirty and then again and again, and again, so i’m starting this year of being old with next to no sleep. NOw i know how i’ll feel when i’m eighty. :) Or sixty four or something. :)

  12. tealfroglette

    there were guys at uf when i was in g’ville from 84-92 minus swizerland, who were making fake DL in a dorm room. It was in the alligator.

    ALso, have you checked the back of catalogs for teens that advertize Id’s.

    Toad has his at work, or i’d see if it says who made it…. maybe throw his co an email asking who made it. has a strip on it for security, but you won’t need that much.

    toad’s is hard plastic, like a cc and has a hole and hangs sideways from a fancy clip. it has the company logo on it, so whomever made it has the ability to use your artwork

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