Recent photos of which I’m proud

I’ve taken a few pretty good photos recently:

Seagrape blossom
Seagrape blossom
and wasp (?) pollinating it

Pied on the windowsill
Pied on the windowsill

Jodi at her computer
Jodi at her computer

I’ve also gotten a few contributions to the “buy Ben a better camera” fund. If you’ve got something to buy, it doesn’t hurt to use my link to, and it helps me. Thanks to those who have gotten this katamari rolling!

I wonder if any of my photos are interesting enough to sell framed prints of, say in a coffeehouse…



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2 responses to “Recent photos of which I’m proud

  1. tiger_stripes

    I love the cat. It’s so interesting with the reflection.

  2. jitterbug5bi5

    Awesome pic of Pied!! And cute pic of Jodi as well. ^_^
    I think some of your pics have been pretty interesting.. you should just talk to, yknow, the coffeehouse person about it, and bring a laptop maybe, to show her examples of the pics at full res.

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