Dammi, now wha?

the t key has just fallen off my laptop keyboard. I’m pasting it in from Character Map but this is an awful long-term solution. Any suggestions that don’t involve a whole lot of money?

Oh well… if you’re on Jodi’s friends list, you know why I’m ecstatic anyway!



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12 responses to “Dammi, now wha?

  1. loucheroo

    stick it back on?

  2. cbustapeck

    In my experience, for laptops more than a couple years old, you can acquire a good used keyboard on ebay for about $20ish. All the laptop keyboards I’ve dealt with have been relatively easy to remove and replace.

    If all the parts are still present, and you just can’t figure out how to get it back together (as is usually my problem), very carefully pop off the key next to it and see how it’s supposed to snap together.

  3. cardinalximinez

    How about an external keyboard?

  4. tregoweth

    I was at a Subway where they had one of these. Seemed sensible. :)

  5. sylvar

    I like, but I usually use my laptop as I sit on the edge of the bed. I need a rigid keyboard.

  6. sylvar

    Oh, good idea… thanks!

  7. heyharmony

    There are more interesting things to be doing in bed, you know.

  8. tiger_stripes

    And most of them don’t involve keyboads.. or maybe they can. I guess is depends on how kinky you wanna get :)

  9. sylvar

    Not for just half an hour while I watch TV and eat breakfast…

  10. knobody

    30 minutes, rigid, in bed, with food

    i know there’s a good suggestive comment in there somewhere, but it’s too early for me to figure it out. must make coffee.

  11. nsreinstall

    Mmmmmm… Glue it back on? Or check out what ebay has to offer?

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