Hey, Gainesville people…

If you’ve got a library card and can send me some mp3s, I’ve got a request for you. I don’t think they’ll interlibrary loan a new CD to Tampa.



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5 responses to “Hey, Gainesville people…

  1. meander112

    Eh? What’s up?

  2. sylvar

    I’ve heard good things about the MC Lars CD, but Alachua is the only library in Florida that claims to have a copy.

  3. meander112

    Okay. I was planning on going there to get some audiobooks at the end of the month. Would that work out for you?

  4. sylvar

    I’d be thrilled!

  5. meander112

    Spiff. Send me the full CD info in e-mail and I’ll look for it when I go for my audiobooks.

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