T-shirts, T-shirts, T-shirts

Oh HELL YES! Threadless reprinted a design I’ve been begging for — AND there’s a $10 sale through this weekend. All their shirts are $10 each.

Dark Side of the Garden

I want it SO BAD.

I also want these BAD, but not SO BAD. I still want them, though.

The Communist Party

A Room with a View


What do you guys think? Should I get ’em? I’ll need a few more shirts when I’m down to XL size… and it’s hard to resist $10 shirts with designs like these!



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9 responses to “T-shirts, T-shirts, T-shirts

  1. cardinalximinez


  2. aj

    Ten bucks is pretty cool. Just don’t buy any of the emo kid shirts. By wearing them, you get -20 to your charisma.

  3. sylvar

    Aww… but I’ve already got this one…

    Emo Bear

  4. pinkhotel

    Damn, when did they reprint Dark Side of the Garden and Communist Party?! I ordered some threadless shirts a few days ago, and I thought those ones were still sold out. :(

    You should definitely get them.

  5. sylvar

    Okay, you guys have convinced me… I ordered all four of ’em. And since someone else placed an order too, I’ll have some credit to apply to my next order. Thanks, anonymous reader, for clicking through! I love you!

  6. beark

    The Communist Party rulez.

    But MP(3) and A Room With A View I don’t understand.

  7. sylvar

    A Room With A View is just a vignette of a woman transported, elevated by music.

    MP(3) is a war scene (a machine gunner, a guy to feed more bullets in, and a guy with a rifle) changed by exchanging musical equipment for weapons. And music *can* be a weapon…

  8. tiger_stripes

    Doood, I sooo want the first two. How do I get ’em? :)

  9. sylvar

    Click ’em! (But you missed the sale…)

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