Why my brain amuses me

I don’t know what this means, but I know it contains a typo:

“pour croire à Lamarck, me disait-on aux Etats-Unis, if faut vraiment être Français.”

I’m pretty sure that should be il faut. Why? I don’t really know…

And now back to being a volunteer research assistant. 17 citations explored, 34 yet to explore. Thank heavens I’m only doing a first-order retrieval and not recursing down into this stuff…



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4 responses to “Why my brain amuses me

  1. gardenwaltz

    yep, it should be il faut, and i’m not sure that the rest of the sentence is correct either, but i don’t know enough to be certain.

  2. creases

    It should be “il faut”. “if” isn’t a word in French, as far as I know. “il faut” means “it would have to be”.

    “to believe in Lamarck, they tell me in the US, you’d really have to be French.”

  3. tregoweth

    Shouldn’t “Français” be lowercase?

  4. sylvar

    You win, my dear boy! I hadn’t noticed that one. It was typed up by a German, so random Nouns and other Words might seem like they ought to be Capitalized. ;)

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