This is for cbustapeck

I went to the post office on my bike for a bit of exercise. Not a bad trip… almost eight miles. I rode windward out and leeward back, which is generally the easier way to do it.

No weekend is truly a lazy weekend which involves housework, spreadsheets (to prove the power of grade forgiveness — amazing, really), and a 7+ mile bike ride, but I’m enjoying it pretty well. Honestly, if it didn’t look like rain, I’d be riding to campus to drop off a few library books.

Poor ! She should be raking in the tips over the weekend, but she’s got laryngitis and a stuffy head, so nobody’s sure if she should be working. Fortunately she’ll be seeing a doctor soon.

has either a visitor or a sympatico neighbor; there are two cars with poly marriage bumper stickers on his block. Nice to know that nobody throws bricks through windshields around here for being honest about it. I’m thinking that there should be a somewhat less specific refutation that says (man) + (woman) = RESTROOMS.


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  1. cbustapeck

    Thank you!

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