My bro can’t read my blog right now because Websense calls sylvar.livejournal.com “Uncategorized” and his IT department has blocked “Uncategorized” sites. So I’ve submitted a request to Websense to have my blog reclassified as “Society and Lifestyles: Personal Websites”, and if that doesn’t work, he can read my RSS feed in Google Reader, Bloglines, etc.

Here’s hoping they get it straightened out soon…



Thank you for writing to Websense.

The site you submitted is a virtually hosted site that was not in our database. However, it shares an IP address with another site in our database which caused an unintended overblock. The site has been reviewed and categorized accordingly:

http://sylvar.livejournal.com – Personal Web Sites

Categorization updates should be available in the next scheduled publication of the database. A new database is published every business day, five days a week, Pacific Standard Time.

Thank you for your assistance,

The Websense Database Services Staff

The response came in less than an hour. Now that’s what I call good eats!



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3 responses to “Censored!

  1. tregoweth

    Yeah, but does his employer block personal sites?

  2. sylvar

    Probably not. It’s an elementary school, so they’re probably mainly concerned with harmful-to-minors. If they block that category, Google Reader and Bloglines are in two totally different categories that might also be allowed, and I’ve got an RSS feed.

  3. mattyo3000


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