Jodi’s flight got in a bit later than originally planned, and I forgot to stop at a fast-food joint on the way home, so I ended up going to sleep at around 2am. I woke at seven and left at eight, as usual, but tried driving no faster than 55. I ran into more traffic lights than usual, and was beginning to doubt the wisdom of driving slowly, but I got to work on time and felt less stressed. And surely it helps that I’m worrying less about the price of gas around here. I don’t know how much gas I’m saving, but it does seem to be lasting longer.

When I get home tonight, I’m going to unpack all the food that was bagged up in Vikane-proof bags. I’m getting awfully sick of pizza, and I’ve only been eating it for three meals in a row. I’m not sure what I’ll make first, but I did see some organic broccoli at Target for $1.49, which is actually cheaper than the other stuff (2 for $3). I know I’ll have to have something ready for Jodi when she gets home around 9. (Photo: “NJ Pizza” by Robin Zebrowski.)

But first, I’m going to use a coupon for a $6.99 haircut. I’m getting shaggy. It won’t be anything fancy — in fact, it’ll probably be the sort of thing my old barber could have done with sheep-shearers. I’ve been trying to shampoo less often, washing my hair with plain old surfactant-free tap water. It tends to make my hair easier to style. Hair is supposed to have some natural oils, after all; we spend a lot of money replacing them with oily goop. (Photo: “barberpole” by Paul Keleher.)

I’ve written a few times about Creative Commons, but this is one of the first times I’ve been on the other side of the license. The photos above are licensed with the “Attribution” version of the Creative Commons license, so all I have to do is give them credit. No royalties, no negotiation, just search by tags and you’re done.


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