Last night I played NTN Buzztime Trivia with ; her new husband was out of town, but said hello by phone. Once some regulars showed me how they changed the trivia system from “Race Day” (boring NASCAR stuff) to regular trivia, we had a fine time. I was cleaning up in the music game until I got to the final question. Seeing that the five answers were all Rolling Stones songs, I risked the maximum 50% of my score. But the question was “Which one of these songs did they play at Live Aid?”. I guessed “Gimme Shelter” because it seemed appropriate, but I was R-O-N-G wrong. Freakin’ Live Aid…

I had breakfast at Panera, just across the street from Costco, then went to pick up my photos. Some of them are older than I’d guessed, but others were, of course, taken just yesterday.
Me and Matt near the Publix Cache This one, for example, was taken on top of a ridge of dirt with a little hedge-maze on it. It overlooks a Publix parking lot — not a spectacular panorama, but who needs a spectacular panorama when you’ve got two big ol’ slabs of man like us to look at? Admit it, you can’t decide which one of us is hotter. Though I’ve got my suspicions, I won’t air them here. Modesty forbids.

Carousel and swingset Here’s another photo from yesterday. There’s a cache hidden just inches from the camera’s view. The clever thing about this cache is that it could be up to eight feet away from the posted coordinates at any given time. Naturally, with a GPS accuracy of about 20 feet, that doesn’t matter a bit. But knowing that its location varies up to eight feet, perhaps you can guess where it is.

What is Jodi thinking about?I’m going to get on with my day. If you want more entertainment, peruse the other photos from the disposable camera and see if you can guess what Jodi is thinking about in this photo. I’m outta here. Tampa, here I come!


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  1. fizzgig_bites

    two big ol’ slabs of man like us to look at

    Mmmm…man buffet…

    Oh, Matt.

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