Icon request

Someone should really make an icon of Hagrid with the text “Shoulda friends-locked that…”



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11 responses to “Icon request

  1. caligatia

    *giggle* Damn shame I don’t have PhotoShop…

  2. sylvar

    I kiss you! MWAH! MWAH!

  3. aj

    Mahir does all the kissing around here, son.

  4. tally_cat

    Heh. It only took a minute to make. =)

  5. knobody

    that’s better than mine.

  6. knobody

    the gimp is free!

  7. caligatia

    As if I’d know what to do with it. :)

  8. sylvar

    Make it take off all its leather, then steal it and skip away giggling. And find M.

  9. caligatia

    Don’t make me hurt you.

    I did just d/l gimp, just to play with it…

  10. knobody

    if you are used to photoshop there is a photoshop-like skin for the gimp. i’ve never used it, so i can’t say how close it is, but it’s available at http://plasticbugs.com/index.php?p=241. it’s freeware, but he does ask for donations.

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