Language observations

Overheard in Radio Blowfish #20 (NSFW):

  • Sex porn: a retronym for actual pornography, in contrast to food porn or political porn. “So in addition to being good sex porn, it’s also pretty good furniture porn.”
  • Santa Monica license plate: a lower back tattoo, apparently common among women in Santa Monica


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4 responses to “Language observations

  1. aj

    The Santa Monica license plate is most commonly referred to as the “tramp stamp”, as I hear it.

  2. cbustapeck

    Ah well. It’s all good, so long as people don’t start confusing things by referring to, say “food pr0n”. Then we’re really screwed. Ack. Nevermind.

  3. tatterdamelion

    Here in Seattle, it is known as the “Ass Hat”.

  4. aj

    In that it acts as a cap to the ass crack, or that the sort of person who tends to get that sort of tattoo is an ass hat?

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