Schlepping camera gear around Flatwoods Loop

Yesterday morning I woke up at seven so I could go out onto Flatwoods Loop, a paved trail for bicyclists, skaters, and pedestrians. There are some geocaches hidden in the area, so I clipped my GPS onto the handlebars. And I often see interesting wildlife, so I brought my camera gear.

I think it was worth it. I rode and walked about 15 miles, and I got hungry about halfway through. I guess next time I need to make room for some Tofurky Jurky or something like that.

No photos yet — I shot 16 and there are 8 left on the roll. Some closeups of wildflowers, some pictures of birds whose silhouettes I’d never seen before, some broad shots across a saw palmetto prairie. Oh, and I found a few geocaches, though there are still many more for me to find on future trips.

It’s Easter. We’re mostly going to ignore it, though we may torture some Peeps by immersing them in chocolate fondue. (I’d recreate the Geonosis battle with Peeps, only I don’t know any web hosts that could survive the slashdotting a stupid idea like that would bring.)


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