Coca-Cola Blak

Well, I tried Coke Blak this morning. I had fond memories of Cafe Cola, and Coke Blak reminded me of that flavor. Unfortunately, at $1.59 for 8 ounces, I don’t think I’ll be buying very much of it. Which is probably just as well. Although it only has 45 calories per bottle, those calories come from 12 grams of sugar in the form of high-fructose corn syrup. No thanks!

I was pleased to discover that Kash ‘n Karry is open today. Publix was closed without even the courtesy of a note explaining themselves. Anti-secularist @$(*s… But Kash ‘n Karry had some good fondue cheeses (Swiss Emmentaler and smoked gouda), crusty baguettes, red potatoes, etc. I may go out later and pick up some fresh apples and strawberries.

And now, time to shower and get ready for the day. I’ve got a library run to do, for Jodi’s papers (it’s crunch time; this is the beginning of Dead Week, if you’re a Gator or know that tradition — except that USF doesn’t actually have a Dead Week, so there’s still loads of stuff due). And then there will be fondue to do.

And, heck, I’ve got the makings of sushi. Maybe I’ll make it to take to work for lunch.



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2 responses to “Coca-Cola Blak

  1. caligatia

    Mmmm, fondue. You’re making me hungry!!!

  2. tatterdamelion

    I had heard Coke Blak described as tasting like it was brewed in a leather corset worn non-stop by Angela Lansbury for three days while doing a long hikes through the jungle. Kind of made me less willing to try it. :)

    But the fondue sounds tasty.

    Oh, and thanks to you, I’ll have “Tango: Maureen” in my head all day. I hope you’re happy. ;)

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