These t-shirts are clever ways of raising funds for breast cancer research. I especially like the one that says fuck c*ncer (it’s cancer that’s obscene, says the explanation).

I woke up at 2:20 this morning and had some ice water and got into bed just in time for to return home from what turns out to have been her first official day as an employee of Sacred Grounds. I am so proud of my 妹妹!

And I am also very proud of Jodi, who will be going to Oregon next weekend to present a paper on friendship in Aristotelian and Confucian philosophy. This is her first professional presentation, and she’s worked very hard on her material. I am confident that she will wow them.

I woke again at 5:00 and decided to use the morning productively: I looked up the azimuth (that’s “which direction on the horizon?”, if you’re as new to astronomy as I am; this morning, at my latitude, it was around 101 degrees, or just south of east) and time of sunrise, grabbed some bagels near campus, and drove to the top of the less popular parking garage on campus to take photographs of sunrise and the dawn-lit campus.

Since this was all tripod work for long exposures, I don’t think the shutter problem will have affected any of my shots. And since the moon was setting almost opposite the sunrise, I was able to get some nice telephoto shots of the moon setting behind a dawn-lit flag. (Which I’m sure will be blurred, but might be interesting. Swear not by the inconstant moon, nor less by an intemperate flag.)

I’ll drop off the film later this morning. Costco does an amazing job — for around $5 I get the film developed and scanned to CD at about 5MB per photo. And I can always get prints if I want them. I’d have to shoot 20 rolls a month to run into Flickr‘s upload limit for paying users, and I don’t think I’ll ever keep that pace with a full-time job. Which is fine by me.

(Update: here are the photos.)


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  1. jitterbug5bi5

    Hehe, those shirts are awesome..
    Thanks, 哥哥! ^_^ *hug hug*
    Also, your pics from this morning rock!!

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