Sandhill crane

Sandhill crane



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8 responses to “Sandhill crane

  1. cardinalximinez

    Well done!

  2. sylvar

    The thing was fearless. I was only about 10-15 feet away from it. And if not for a shutter malfunction (you can see a hint of it where the sky gets darker at the top), I’d have even better shots.

  3. cardinalximinez

    I thought you fixed the shutter problem, so I assumed it was overcast. ;)

  4. sylvar

    Nah, the damn thing’ll take about $100 to fix. I just talked to a guy who’s recommended by the best photo supply store in the bay area. It’s a really tough call. I’d love to upgrade to a digital, but that costs eight times as much. On the other hand, if I shoot 70-100 rolls (depending on film cost), I’ll break even. I’m really enjoying these photo safaris, and I’d love to keep doing ’em.

    I’d set up a donation box for my photography fans, but I don’t want to get my ego crushed…

  5. sylvar

    Hell, I didn’t see the rebate on the camera-only thingy on Amazon. Brings it down to under $600, and that breaks even at around 50 rolls.

  6. cardinalximinez

    Collection donations for “stuff” is always pretty iffy. ;)

    What are you looking at that requires you to spend so much? A lot of the more moderately priced digitals are looking pretty tempting lately.

  7. sylvar

    I broke down and decided to go ahead and beg. Worst thing that can happen is that nobody will help me, and it’ll take me a while to save up the money, and I’ll miss out on the rebate. See my latest post for camera details.

  8. cardinalximinez

    Yeah, I saw. Makes sense. *crushing crushing* ;)

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