This is why I love Creative Commons

Woot! I got a photo published again, this time in Physics World next to a review of a book about pendulums.

Foucault's Pendulum“Getting into the swing”, Physics World, April 2006, p. 40

They can do this because I license my photos under the Creative Commons Attribution License, which says “Do as you will, just give me credit.” The whole point of the Creative Commons is to provide a body of work that can be freely built upon to enrich our culture. I’m just doing my part.



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6 responses to “This is why I love Creative Commons

  1. kittykatkatja

    Woo! Nice picture, nice attribution! :)

  2. froglettewriter


    i would guess because you take such good photos, and yours are tagged well it makes it simple for folks to find what they are looking for. :)

    i wonder if folks needing toads go and see toadster, perhaps i should change them all to toadster instead of toad.

  3. cardinalximinez

    Very very cool.

  4. knobody

    absolutely stunning photo! grats on the publication.

  5. pinkhotel

    Gorgeous photo! Contrats =)

  6. papertygre

    That *is* a nice photo.

    Did they notify you (is that how you found out)?

    They just stumbled on it in Flickr?

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