Wilda Pearl Killen

I think I like taking photographs of graves. There’s interesting graphic design, a variety of textures, light and shadow, and the subjects tend not to blink. And there certainly are some beautiful images to capture.

Wilda Pearl Killen (Apr 10 1896 - Sep 9 1914): closeup

Wilda Pearl Killen (Apr 10 1896 - Sep 9 1914): gravesite

I went looking for someone else’s grave to fill a request, but didn’t find it. Not yet. I’ll return, and while I’m nearby I’ll check out the Showman’s Rest Cemetery. There’s another photo request waiting for me there.

Know what else I like about going to a cemetery? Returning. One of these days I’ll have to skip that part of it, but until that day (far off, I pray), I’ll keep visiting with a camera.



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9 responses to “Wilda Pearl Killen

  1. haemony

    Cemetery photography has always made me happy. Well, I love cemeteries anyway (except for all these new-fangled ones where the tombstones are below the damn grass…where’s the character?), but taking pictures of graves has always been one of my more enjoyable hobbies. *sigh*

  2. juniperpearls

    We had this amazing cemetary near my house in high school. It had a creek throughout it and it was very hilly and beautiful – in the middle of an overdeveloped lame town. I used to get my reading done there under the trees and then I’d walk around and make up stories about the people buried there, only judging by their graves.
    I definitely miss it.

  3. sylvar

    Oh, are you from around here? I wouldn’t mind a photo safari if it’s not too far.

  4. juniperpearls

    It’s in apopka..north of Orlando..2 hours-ish.
    It would be a long safari.

  5. sylvar

    Okay, Apopka-ite, tell me… what the heck is THIS? It looks like a gem and seems to have been done that way deliberately.

    I’ve got a place to stay in Sanford, so if I’m ever bored in the neighborhood, I’ll look it up. Do you remember the name of it?

  6. juniperpearls

    I don’t know what I’m supposed to be looking at from that link…it’s a list of local cemetaries..?
    The one I was talking about can be found here http://www.apopka.net/index.php?option=content&task=view&id=50&Itemid=77
    It’s called the Edgewood/Greenwood cemetary, which I never knew.

  7. sylvar

    Oh, I meant the diamond-shaped area shown in the satellite photo.

  8. juniperpearls

    Ohh okay, haha. I thought you meant gem figuratively.
    I actually have no idea, though. Sorry!

  9. knobody

    looks like a feather to me

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