A weekend of travel

Saturday morning we left without , to my disappointment. (It’s okay, though; she had some fun this weekend too.) We got to Miami in time to see arrive at the party, and went down to Kendall for dinner with Dad and Fran. We were hoping to go back to the party, but since we were sleeping in Kendall (pretty much the opposite end of the metro Miami area), we realized that we’d just about have to turn around as soon as we got there so we could…

Drive to Stuart Sunday morning, have brunch, watch my brother-in-law Devin’s confirmation, and listen to some jingo-fascist homily about how great it is that we live in a country where we have the freedom to move around the country, but warning us that we do not have the freedom to do what is wrong.

We found out too late that my dad was planning a bonfire for next weekend, so we could have gone to the party for a much longer time, then spent a bigger chunk of time with him the following week. That would have been a better plan. Oh, if I had a tribble for every missed opportunity…

So that was my weekend. How was yours?



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4 responses to “A weekend of travel

  1. meander112

    I had a very good weekend, aside from the car trouble. ;-)

  2. sylvar

    Oh, I guess I missed something. I was so busy getting whomped for a tickle monster.

  3. meander112

    Castle Anthrax is lousy with those tickle monsters. Ed & Les should get a better exterminator. ;-)

  4. kittykatkatja

    But it’s so hard to refuse when Anna says, “Excuse me, will you tickle my dad, and then I can kill you?”

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