UPS sucks.

Sorry, Aunt Susie, but I hated the way I was treated by UPS. Clearly they’ve had nobody of your caliber near the Tampa plant.

I was supposed to get a package yesterday. I stayed home waiting for it. I missed having a workout because I was waiting. At 8:46pm, the UPS system said the apartment number was incorrect. So I phoned 1-800-PICK-UPS and asked them to let me pick up the package at their main Tampa plant today. Sure, they said, come on by.

So today I spent an hour away from the office trying to get my package. John Cleese couldn’t have done it better.

Could I have my package, please?

The computer says “left in building”. I’ll be right back…

[The UPS employee disappears into the factory for about five minutes.]

Could I have my package now, please?

No, it’s not available until 7:30pm.

But you close at 7pm. And I was told that you would have it waiting for me.

Oh? Who told you that?

The 1-800 number.

Ohhhhh. They’re not really part of UPS.

Look, where is my package right now?

It’s back there somewhere. It’s in this building.

So can I have it, please?

No, it’s in processing.

What does processing mean?

Look, SIR, your package will be ready at 7:30pm.

But what does processing mean?

Your package. Will be ready. At 7:30pm.

Okay, look. Can you just have it sent to my office on Monday?

No, we don’t do that here. You have to call the 1-800 number.

I thought you said they weren’t really part of UPS.

You have to call the 1-800 number.

That’s when I left.



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4 responses to “UPS sucks.

  1. tealfroglette

    Good thing they aren’t on Bzz agent.

    H and R block today refused to honor the 12.97 lead in price offered through the wachovia bank link I followed to use their product. The emails and live chat sessions have all given worthless advice, such as get the keycode from the Bank.

    The bank customer service does not have a key code issued to them and suggested that HRBlock actually stop bugging their customers.

    We’ll see if they ever reply to me. So far it’s been over 7 hours and no response.

  2. haemony

    Wow. I’ve had to pick up packages at UPS stores loads of times and never had that problem. Chalk it up to that person being a complete moron, I guess. The 800 number is certainly part of UPS, and if they tried to deliver it on a certain day, you should have been able to get it the next day at the store. That person was simply an idiot. I always use UPS over FedEx because they’re usually the ones who don’t give me any grief.

  3. tregoweth

    I’ve had to pick up stuff there, and I always have to wait about 45 minutes. Which I always forget when I think, “Hey, I’ll just swing by and pick up my package there!”

  4. h_postmortemus

    Tsk tsk.

    Shoulda used Priority Mail. :)

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