New shirts!

With some eBay money, I’ve bought a few XL t-shirts as a reward for when I get to that size:

Emo Bear

Sally Finds a Stray

(the text reads “Go ask your father.” Click the image and then choose “zoom” to see it in wonderful detail — this thumbnail really DOES NOT do it justice.)

Alton Brown Comic

Bother! Potter Puppet Pals

I’ve already got one XL polo that I look good in, so depending on the cut of these shirts, I may be wearing ’em pretty soon!



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7 responses to “New shirts!

  1. tealfroglette


    my xx shirts i wore as tents in the heat are really way too big now and the ones i can’t part with that were gifts i wear as pj’s or beach coverups.

    PS- toad says, alton brown and the guy we just saw on foodnetwork, has his father’s middle name so Alton W. (toad’s dad) D…. married after his first wife passed away- helen brown. Neither of them were related to alton brown, or the other guy, but toad noticed the name similarity. :)

  2. cardinalximinez

    Remind me when you’re down here. I have a few shirts for you, that’ll go to Goodwill if you don’t like ’em or if you forget.

    I wear an XLT, and I have a bunch of XLs that are just getting less and less comfortable.

  3. pappy74

    OK… you have given me a new goal for losing weight.

    I *must* have that Alton Brown shirt. Wow.

    Seriously, I think that the lure of the shirt might just be what pushes me to finally get off my ass and do it!


  4. sylvar

    OK, I’m not sure if I’ll remember, but if one of us does, great. I’m not at XL yet, but I hope to be soon. And I’m roughly your height, so XLT is a rare comfort.

    Anyway, with the shorter commute, you’ll probably have more time to walk around the complex, or to the library, or whatever. Your shirts should get more and more comfortable then. ;)

  5. sylvar

    Go for it! Just don’t do it the way you tried before. I still tell the story of how you were this guy I know was eating an eight-ounce block of cheese…

    “Don’t you want some crackers with that?”

    “Are you crazy? Crackers are BAD for you!”

    (sorry, but I’m in the Church of Ketosis-Is-A-Bad-Idea-Mkay)

  6. pappy74

    heh… that’s sooooo 3 years ago! :)

    actually, last year I was doing quite well on Weight Watchers, but the move to Boston has been bad. I basically sit at home all day programming and eating. That does not make for a healthy Jason.

  7. cardinalximinez

    It’s not just about height, it’s about proportion. I have a disproportionately long torso, so XLT is my proper size. If you can wear XL without your tummy showing every time you lift your arm to point, then XLT is a bonus.

    And I have noticed that I seem to be getting more exercise… ;)

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