New glasses

New glasses

These are Palermo glasses from ($44.95 with shipping, but still…)

Lighting by GE Reveal bulbs. I use them for task lighting and leave my overhead fluorescents off.



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4 responses to “New glasses

  1. pinkhotel

    Cute, indeed. =)

    (Those were totally ones I suggested, weren’t they? Lookin’ gooood.)

  2. sylvar

    Yeah, you did suggest these. :)

  3. bessie_glass

    i like! i like the hair, too.

    are the glasses a bit crooked? mine always have to get majorly adjusted because my ears aren’t even.
    if so, you might as well stop by walmart or something to have them changed a bit.

  4. sylvar

    Oh, please don’t like the hair. I need a haircut something fierce. Maybe I’ll call the Aveda school — I’d have to take time off from work, but $11 for a great haircut? Totally worth it, and then some.

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