Atkins Advantage and other low-carb bars

I’ve been using Pria CarbSelect bars recently — they’re tasty, high in protein, and I found a great deal on them at Costco. Now BzzAgent is going to be sending me some Atkins Advantage bars so I can try ’em out. I wonder if I’ll be addicted to Pria by that time.

I have a hard time believing that something called “Chocolate Decadence” or “Creamy Cinnamon Bun” can be good for you, but I’m willing to give it a try. I expect to have extras, so if anyone else wants to try one, let me know.



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14 responses to “Atkins Advantage and other low-carb bars

  1. tiger_stripes

    Make sure you read the ingredients rather than just checking the wrappper. There are plenty of low-card advertised things that really aren’t.

  2. sylvar

    Yeah, I remember a bakery getting in trouble for 100-calorie muffins that tasted amazingly like their 700-calorie muffins. ;)

    I tend to think that a major brand like Atkins, with more to lose from fraud allegations, would keep things on the up and up… what do you think?

  3. kittykatkatja

    The Atkins bars are definitely low carb. But they don’t taste nearly as good as the Pria CarbSelect. I find the bars are the least appetizing of the Atkins foods.

  4. sylvar

    Hmm. I guess I’ll have to try them for myself to be sure. Are there tasty, shelf-stable Atkins products that are easy to eat while driving?

  5. heyharmony

    I always enjoyed the PriaCarb Select bars – I prefer the peanutbutter caramel ones. But I haven’t had them in a while.

    While I’m not about low-carb at all, I do like the protein factor because apparently I don’t get enough of it. Lately, I’m eating Zone Perfect bars. They work for me. I keep some at work in case I skip a meal or snack and need some nutrition.

    When hiking, I like the Harvest bars (I think Powerbar makes those)–they have a higher sugar content, but they don’t have any chocolate-like coating and keep well for outdoor & sporty activities. They’re portable.

    I’m also a fan of Luna bar (made by Cliff). I think they sell those as good nutrition for women, but I doubt they’d be bad for men. Plus, they are a good company AND I believe they (the bars) are vegan if that’s a concern for you.

    This is all well and good, but I feel the need to confess that I just at a bite-size Milky Way Midnight. THere are carrots in my bag, and an apple, but I caved. I should be ashamed, but I’m not. I’m just… well.. chocolately.

  6. sylvar

    Yeah, I keep protein bars at home, in the car, and at the office. I ate one around 10:30am, and that kept me running until around 3:30pm, when I ate some Boca patties and light cheddar.

    I love the taste and texture of the PowerBar Harvest bars, but as you pointed out, they’re not expressly low in sugar. So much better than the normal PowerBars, which look like bureaucratic “nourishment, for humans, bendy brown slab” bars and have a texture only a masochist could love.

    Luna bars are nice, but they seem a little light. On the other hand, they’re often around $1.

    And if you’re carrying carrots and an apple, you’re doing better than I am. I can send you a coupon to try an Atkins Advantage bar when I get ’em. You’re clearly organized enough to use the coupon before you get hungry, whereas I would probably get hungry and end up licking coupons because I’m in the middle of a state park…

  7. tealfroglette

    i LOVE the atkins bars. i can’t do the fruit and grain ones because of the wheat allergy. The cinnamon buns are fabulous!!! they are much lower in protein tho, they are good for, i don’t want to eat yet, but let me have a sugar taste blast. I think they are waaay sweet.

    My favorite are the oats granola so if you get those and don’t like em, they aren’t very sweet, i would love em!

    PS, how come bzzagent didn’t offer ME those, that’s very weird!!! ms low carb girl!

  8. tiger_stripes

    I think people should just eat better and not eat Atkins, but that probably doesn’t answer yer question :)

    If you are counting carbs/calories/fat/etc, make sure you read the label and note what yer intake is in a journal. That’s the only real way to make sure you get what yer supposed to be getting.

    And, if it doesn’t work, talk to a nuutritionist/doctor/etc :)

  9. tealfroglette has luna bars on a major sale, 12.99 i think!

  10. tregoweth

    Just becuase they’re called “Chocolate Decadence” or “Creamy Cinnamon Bun” doesn’t mean they taste like such things. :)

  11. knobody

    whatever you do, avoid the atkins crunchers (their version of potato chips). beware! those things are completely disgusting.

  12. tealfroglette

    i’m a bzz agent but i’m not even in this campaign for Atkins, why ever not i’ll never know, however i say that that the creamy cinnamon bun tastes like creamy cinnamon candy bar. the bun part is missing only because if i’m going to eat wheat, which i’m allergic to, it better be french pastry! :)

    They pass my ‘i want a sugar rush taste’ for breakfast with out the sugar rush and the inevitable crushing sugar blues that follow. :)


  13. tealfroglette

    ben that’s so funny, i can just see you licking the coupon! I’m glad you wrote that image. :) Ten extra points! ;)

  14. tealfroglette

    Toad likes the praline ones despite him not being a nut fan. Those don’t have a chocolate coating which melts in the heat of the morning commute. :)

    The worse melt offenders are the boca raton company protein bars (we’re out and i froget the name)wrapped in a blue wrapper.

    I love the taste, but they cannot stand the southern heat. SIlly them. We take ’em in the plane and even in the cooler they melted all over kat’s and my fingers causing us to have to lick them off….

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