Questionable Buyers

Questionable Buyer #1

Hello, I would like to know if you sell all seven sticks of ram with buy it now? If so what would be your total price including shipping? Thanks for your time, Steve
That would be unfair to the people who have put in honest bids for the memory. Join them in bidding and if you win all seven sticks, I won’t charge you any shipping at all. That offer is open to anyone.

Questionable Buyer #2

Hi, I’m based in Italy, please, can you ship via USPS as a gift with $20 of value?
(We’re talking about ten 36GB U320 SCSI drives here. Not exactly a $20 gift.)
That would be dishonest and illegal. I am a man of honor, so I cannot help you lie to your country.
(sent privately)
what have I ever done to make you treat me so disrespectfully? …
In my country shipping as a gift with $20 value is not illegal.
You’re so full of shit, you stink.
(or at least that’s what I’d say if I weren’t planning to ignore him)


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5 responses to “Questionable Buyers

  1. mattyo3000

    Dude, you missed the boat on this one. That guy probably could have told you what that Italian tower is in your blog entry from yesterday! Now you’ll just never know.

  2. sylvar

    Heh. Actually, one of Jodi’s friends, , suggested San Gimignano, and I found it in a photo online. I think I even have a good idea of where in that town it is. (Too bad Google Earth doesn’t have great resolution in other places the way it does for Miami.)

  3. h_postmortemus

    Uh dude, he’s just trying to avoid having to pay outrageously high fees.

  4. sylvar

    Maybe, but what if he snaps the memory and claims it was damaged in transit? Then I get to try to collect on shipping insurance with paperwork saying the memory is worth $20.

  5. h_postmortemus

    Have you ever actually tried to file a claim against postal insurance? Guess what, it’s a long, difficult process.
    In a case like that i’d be happy to list the value of the item for what they request, but I’d only insure it for that much and let them know I won’t reimburse for anything above it.

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