A new webcomic has joined my daily links. Here are a few of my favorites:

  • 30. Ouch. Couldn’t she have had that epiphany the next morning?
  • 46. I like some of their shirts but I’d rather not buy ’em there.
  • 64. This is me, basically. Just ask .
  • 95. AUUGH!
  • 118. The last panel works so well.
  • 122. Actually, I’m surprised nobody has done this mod yet.
  • 139. The smarm, it overwhelms me with loling.
  • 165. “That was the day I learned that there’s no way you can remove your head from another girl’s crotch in a nonchalant manner.” — Amanda
  • 240. Comics so good you spend all day reading them? Bear attack.
  • 253. Yeah, the last line is a cheap attempt to curry favor with 80s kids. It worked.
  • 270. Philosophy discussions + poop jokes = quality webcomix.
  • 277. Pintsize rules, even if he doesn’t know how to spell Rubens.
  • 333. Did Joss Whedon write the dialogue for this one? “Am I still allowed to murder customers? I do so enjoy the murderin’.”
  • 395. Top marks for vocabulary, Pintsize.
  • 403. Ah, axe humor. Never gets old.
  • 410. Linguistics and European history: it doesn’t get eggheadier than this. And if it does, please tell me where.
  • 434 and 435. Marten’s mom is a professional dominatrix. It’s funnier if you know that.
  • 439. Actually, the whole Marten’s-mom series is pretty damn good.
  • 466. I’m glad my officemates finally went home because I would have scared them with my coughing, wheezing laughter.
  • 481. Twue wuv ain’t as bad as they imply. Mostly.
  • 486. I, too, have a strict … um, yeah.
  • 527. When I said a FEW of my favorites… um…
  • 551. I was lying.

Anyway: Questionable Content rocks out.

I’m goin’ home now and taking my medication, since I forgot to do that this morning…



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2 responses to “Bwahahaha!

  1. jitterbug5bi5

    46 & 165.. lmfao
    Also, I freaking LOVE their ‘specials of the day’ blackboard! ^_^

  2. knobody

    re: 122

    isn’t there suppose to be a cow at the vet school with a window? maybe that’s just an urban legend.

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