Name that tower!

Name that tower!

I know this is in Italy near Milan or Florence. I think it’s near or in Florence, perhaps San Gimignano. Any ideas?

Last night I scanned 20 photos from my trip to Europe ten years ago. My dad and I visited Milan (Milano), Florence (Firenze), Lucerne (Luzern), and Nice. I’ve got many more photos to scan.



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3 responses to “Name that tower!

  1. curious_mold

    It might be in San Gimignano…it seems to be a popular “tower hotspot”. It had 72 towers once, and only 15 have survived.

  2. sylvar

    I think you’re right. I think I recognize it in

  3. sylvar

    Yes, based on a photo here and the corresponding map here, I’m going to say that this is roughly N 43.466 E 11.042 and improve the geotagging later if Google Earth gets better imagery. Thanks!

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